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Vanya Ananieva: Keep on dreaming!

Today I introduce to you another amazing person from Bulgaria – Vanya Ananieva. She was recommended by Georgi Malchev, whom I already introduced in my blog. They work together on a lot of amazing initiatives besides the fact they both run very successful businesses. She is both a dream chaser and a game changer 🙂 Read more about it in the text below.

Tell us a bit more about yourself and the dream you are chasing? 

Hi there. I am Vanya – mother, wife, friend, business partner, teacher, escape room maker, volunteer. Too many roles for 24 hours, but still eager to know and work on the dreams I am chasing. So far I got it, that the biggest of the delight is in the chasing. The process, not the completion. The Road, is not the final point. Probably that is the reason I am always in the search. Of good. When talking about dreams, I would refer to the year 2000, when I was an eighteen-year-old girl with one dream only – to establish a school of languages and make it possible for each and every person to study a foreign language. I was absolutely sure that one day I would be there – among people who have done major change for the humans. And here I am – 23 years later – with a school of languages in several points in Sofia and online. Having the best team, having taught over 40000 people so far. And still in the chase.

How was the idea for your dream born and how it developed over time?

I was 14 years old when I met one of the best teachers ever. He was my English teacher, who deeply believed in me. He was inspiring, caring, motivator one in a million, person who strived for the best. He was my role model, I was sure that one day I would try to be like him – I would try to make change for people and make them believe in themselves.

So, one day, when I graduated school I went to my parents asking for a loan of 1000 BGN and for a room in my grandparents’ flat. At that time I got the biggest YES in my life. I started the project of my life – Intellect Schools of Languages in the flat of my grandma, a table and six chairs, a white board and a heart full of passion and expectations for the forthcoming success. 

What are your plans for the future? What do wish to achieve in the next 5 years? 

If you want to make God laugh tell him about your plans ☺) In my life, things just happen. I wouldn’t call it a plan. It is more like a dream manifest. My plans in fact are dreams well-structured ☺) I have a dream for more educated people, for less people, living in poverty, for more time for my loved ones. My daughter who is 19 years old now and my son, who is 14, together with my husband have been next to me through the whole of the journey. I really do believe I would have more time for enjoyment in the next five years. 

What are the most important lessons you learned along the way so far? 

– Never quit – if you feel tired of trying, just stop for a rest.

– Do more of what make you happy.

– If there is a thing you really want to achieve, nourish the dream – one day it will be all set for you.

– Not all of the roses have thorns.

– Never regret spending time with people who need attention. It could be their last stop and you may have been their catcher in the rye.

How do you find work and life balance and prevent burnout?  

Years ago, there was no balance at all. I was like in 20 hours work mode, having no time for myself and my family, Later on, I started changing a bit the routine and let more time for myself and the loved ones. These days, I try to balance the roles, spending time enough on all of them. From time to time I get into burnout mode and escape to my piece of paradise – Sinemorets, where we have a small cottage house since year 2020. This is my recharge station and I try to be there a week in a month during the year.

How do you take care of yourself – physically, emotionally, and mentally?  

I read a lot, draw and paint, go to some crush courses, that teach me new skills. And of course meet my friends. It is really inspiring and worthy.

What are your daily routines/habits that you believe contribute to your success? 

I talk with people. Meet them. Listen to them. Most of my time I spend in communication. There is no magic in my daily routines. Success comes when you are in active search among people and when you deliberately listen. 

What would you say are the three principles or qualities that can help a person make their dreams come true? 

Love people – only when you love them, you understand their real needs. Only when loving you become meaningful to the world you live in; thus, your dreams would be based on something real.

Gratitude – be grateful for the things you have, for the battles, for the joy and sorrow – everything happens for a reason. Being grateful means you are happy with your life. And what are the dreams in fact? Your expectation for better life.- Respect – always respect people. Older, younger, more intelligent, less intelligent, people who have done everything for you, people who have torn you, people who are believers and those who have lost their faith. Be respectful. I believe this is The Law of the Universe. And I do obey it.

What inspires and motivates you when times are difficult? 

My family. It is my harbour, especially in times of hard.

What would you say to the people that are still hesitant to chase their dreams?

Keep on dreaming. All is possible if you do believe. And if you are hesitant to chase a dream of yours, stop for a while. Take a deep breath. Imagine you have reached it. Imagine how it looks. Feel the emotion of having it. Does it feel OK? If yes – move on. Continue chasing. 

Your heart knows.


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